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Experiences, outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction


This master’s degree adds value to the professional practice of opticians and optometrists in their various fields of specialisation, which meet a clear social demand.

A master's degree is particularly valued for technical management positions with optician’s shops and optician and optometrist positions in public and private health centres (primary care centres, ophthalmology departments, ophthalmology practices and clinics, optometry offices, etc.).

Students may also choose to specialise in research, which prepares them for employment at a research centre or institution.

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Satisfaction of academic staff, administrative and service staff, and FOOT students

Student experiences


 Berta, master's degree in Optometry and Vision Sciences (MUOCV)

“My master’s thesis was focused on creating a theoretical eye model based on peripheral refraction. This schematic eye could help optimise the design of devices to correct eyesight, especially contact lenses, and this kind of correction can help slow the progression of myopia.”


 Ainara, MUOCV student

“One of the points that convinced me to do the master's degree was the fantastic opportunity to do placements at different clinics and hospitals. I did a four-month placement at a hospital and it was a very positive experience. When I finished the placement, they offered me a contract position.”


Esther, MUOCV student

“After finishing a diploma course in Optics and Optometry, I decided to do the master's degree to extend my knowledge. The degree subjects provide specialised knowledge in different fields of optics and optometry. The course allowed me to spend a whole semester doing a clinical placement at a hospital, where I was in contact with the world of employment and could put my knowledge and skills into practice.”

Francisco, predoctoral grantholder


“I earned a diploma in Optics and Optometry from the University of Granada. When the UPC master's degree in Optometry and Vision Sciences was launched in 2007, I saw that it was a perfect opportunity to do a doctoral thesis. In one of the subjects, I had the chance to work with the Applied Optics and Image Processing Group (GOAPI) under the supervision of Prof M. S. Millán. I finished my master's degree and we got a pre-doctoral grant. I’m currently in my last year as a grantholder and hope to defend my doctoral thesis at the end of the year.”

Carlos, MUOCV student

   “After completing a diploma course, I wanted to do a master's degree. Among those offered by the UPC, this one struck me as the most interesting and comprehensive. The fact that you can do clinical placements in hospitals means you have the chance to apply everything you’re learning on the course. All the subjects revolve around the clinical setting, and you end up getting a lot of information from different perspectives. I’d highly recommend the master's degree to anyone who wants to extend their knowledge or who’s interested in clinical work.”

Arantzazu, MUOCV student

“The possibility of going deeper into the various specialisations offered for the master's degree – low vision, paediatric optometry, contactology, vision therapy – is very interesting for me because I want to work in one of those specialisations.”

Joan Enric, MUOCV student


“It seemed to me that this master's degree was compatible with my work life. My goal is to take a step forward in my academic career by earning an official qualification that rounds off the training I received on the Optics and Optometry diploma course.”

 Zeyad, MUOCV student


“I appreciate the efforts for this School to make a lot of professional generations of optometrists. I get the support from the secretary department, and the encouragement from the teachers. I feel that I have got something new here, so I can differentiate my current experience from the past one”.